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Report A Problem With Our Network

Unfortunately problems do arise on our network. It is extremely important that we fix any problems quickly. Often our viewers play a key role in keeping our network running smoothly.

Often we recognize a problem and fix it before most viewers are aware a problem ever existed. But at times we need our viewers to help us identify problems. Some may be isolated to only one person's connection and some may effect a large group of viewers. No matter which situation occurs, we need to fix a problem fast.


To report a problem please fill out the e-mail form on this link. --> PROBLEM REPORTING

We will respond to every problem report within 48 hours. You can report a problem and ask that we not contact you. Your choice.

Other Contacts

  1. If you are a COMCAST customer and experience a problem on more than just our channel - please contact COMCAST Customer Service
  2. If you are an AT&T u-VERSE customer and experience a problem on more than just our channel - please contact AT&T u-VERSE Customer Service
  3. For problems using your e-mail accounts or Internet access to domains other that our web content - Contact your Internet Service Provider
  4. For information about any department in the Village of Villa Park visit the Village web site at

TV VPStyle Network Contacts

The TV VPStyle Network is managed by the Villa Park Cable Commission. Commissioners are volunteers for a three year term and are appointed to the Cable Commission with the approval of the Village President and confirmed by the Village Trustees.