Fire Corps Assists in First Live Wire Down


One of the potential duties that the Villa Park Fire Corps is offering to perform is the ability to relieve Fire Fighters and Lieutenants from standby duty for live wires down. The situation is common during storm related incidents due to high winds and tree falling on wires but can also occur on perfectly clear days as was the case this time.

At approximately 12:15 PM a resident called to report a tree branch had fallen on his garage from a neighbor’s yard and with it brought down several wires including potentially a primary wire. Four houses that bordered the location of the wire down had to be notified of the hazard until Com Ed could come out and eliminate the hazards. Just 10 minutes after the VPFD arrived with Medic Unit and Engine another all was dispatched for a person with trouble breathing. The Lieutenant directed two Paramedics to take the call and then gave instructions to me to secure the area and monitor the site until Com Ed could arrive.

Several residents adjacent to the wire down were contacted by me as a Fire Corps Representative and given instructions on areas to avoid. Approximately 60 minutes later Com Ed did arrive and the VPFD Lieutenant returned after assisting the Paramedics on their Medic Call.

Com Ed then identified the hazards and took control of the situation releasing the Lieutenant and Me form the scene.

This is what we intend to do to be a multiplier of resources for our Villa Park Fire Department.

Al Stasch


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